AI Engines Ask-Answer-Action


(If ready ) (if steady) (Gone)

Imagine your machine shows only green(alpha) across a spectrum of trading opportunities most of the time;and other times you hear the learning engine hum; you can rest assured that the machine is running the risk-taking job exactly the way you want to and a rapacious expedition for green-hunt by [ai]– powers your sail into the infinitude


Risk-Taking Philosophy

Purpose of engagement with markets is ‘to exploit’ Price action-not explain. Gaussian math & inductive logic hijack ‘reason’ to  a different  expedition- ‘to explain’. Hijacked reason produces good explanations of past but poor exploitation of future


“We are in the business of risk-taking using a machine & methods shop.”

Machine & methods shop deploys artificial intelligence& algorithms to auto-trade markets

Launch of India’s first

Systematic Trading Strategy Index